Week 43 : Chester & Coventry

This weekend saw a few Harriers out braving the rain and running at Parkrun, Coventry Half Marathon and Chester 10km.

“Skin is waterproof”

Dr. D. Barns
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Only one brave Essington Harrier faced the prospect of a soggy Parkrun this week, well done Gary!

Chasewater parkrun event #48
76Gary Jenkins00:33:41
* Did not run under ‘Essington Harriers’
** Ran under a different name

Chester 10k

Lisa and her friend Claire took on the Chester Zoo 10k

Chester Run Through 10k. I was 5038. 1st one they have done. Not the best as in organisation, a few teething problems but will improve. A good course, run through the zoo, out into the country lanes, all closed. Back to the zoo to finish. Great medal & you get free entrance to the best zoo. IMO

Lisa Hickman
1289Lisa Hickman (5038*)01:01:23
* Did not run under ‘Essington Harriers’
** Ran under a different name

Coventry half Marathon

We had a few Essington Harriers taking on a very soggy Coventry Festival Of Running Half Marathon

I can say for the weather conditions and the course this was the toughest race I have ever done by a long way. At about 71/2-8 mile there is a climb which goes up- I think a couple of hundred feet, and whilst this was my toughest race it was also my most rewarding as I got 4 PB’s. My 10mile to the end was 35 minutes, when I started running this was my park run time.

Darren Philips

Well organised event with an appearance by a bloke called Noah half way round. Torrential rain from start to 12 miles. Sunshine 12 miles to finish!!

Gary Jenkins
330Luke Williams (3396)01:39:06
1755Gary Jenkins (4741)02:25:09
1825Darren Philips (3940*)02:28:59
* Did not run under ‘Essington Harriers’
** Ran under a different name

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