Sarah Blackshaw

Member of Essington Harriers since 2019
Committee Position: Woman’s Captain

2021 Runner Review

Total of 973 running miles for the year – target of 1000 already set for 2022!! 🏃‍♀️

Another year of highs, lows and plenty of adventures with our amazing running club 🦅.

My running highlight of the year has got to be doing the landmark challenges with Robin. We got lost several times (I know shock), unpicking Robin from barbed wire, ending up ankle deep in pig sh*t 💩 and having to break into the grounds of the fruit farm to escape are just some of the stories!! 🔐😬 we’ll take you on these routes one day 👍🤣

Also in March, I did myself proud by running 200k with help from Robin & Tara for Breast Cancer Now charity, raising over £1k!!. It was in support of my BFF who had been diagnosed with breast cancer during lockdown and this was the only thing at the time that I felt I could do for her and to thank the fabulous team that treated her and took care of her 💕

My low would have to be Stafford half – I was so looking forward to it as I’d really enjoyed the last time I’d done it, but it just wasn’t the day or month in fact for running for me and I didn’t enjoy it at all 😔. I was struggling with my mental health and as much as running helped the majority of time it also didn’t help at times, and Stafford and in fact Alton Towers, were defo these times. HOWEVER after witnessing Dave bravery on the rides after and the fun we had made this day/race one to remember for ever 🤣. I’ll be returning to them both in 2022🤞and feeling so much more positive these days 🥰

It’s been an honour to represent the club as Ladies Captain and the award from our Chair, Chris for his choice of ‘Runner of the Year’ was just amazing!!

The support and encouragement I’ve received from club members and the friends I’ve made along the way is just overwhelming. You are all amazing !! Thank you 😊

Here’s to 2022 and plenty of miles, smiles and memories. Happy New Year Harriers 🥳

Runner Profile

What has been your favourite race or racing memory so far?

Stafford 1/2 2020

What are your pre-race rituals?

Going for a wee x100 !!

What are you pre & post race snacks?

Post race/run – cup of tea

What advice would you give a new runner?

Don’t expect to love every run but love yourself for the fact that you got out there and ran!!

What’s your proudest running achievement?

Finishing my 1st 1/2 marathon after almost walking off at the 7 mile point

What future race ambitions do you have?

Finishing a 1/2 marathon sub 2hr and maybe one day completing the London Marathon?

What are your favourite running shoes?

Nike Vamero

What running kit do you use?

Water Bottle – it’s like my comfort blanket

What one thing should people know about you?

I talk – a lot !!

Any other information you want to share?

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