Changing to more flexible running groups

We’re changing our running groups to be a bit more flexible.

With the government about to relax some more of the restrictions in place to prevent the spread of COVID19, the committee have decided to relax the ‘rule of six’ that we have been sticking to with our running groups.

From Monday 17th May 2021 we will introduce more flexibility in running groups.

While we will continue to work towards groups of six (including the run leader), we will allow groups of up to eight runners if needed.

You will still need to pre-register your intent to run by 9pm on the night before, maintain social distancing in the running groups and respect other peoples wish to maintain distancing, and we will still have staggered start times.

As always, the Mental Health Champions are around on club nights and can be contacted via the website if you have any anxiety about the new running group procedures. Please do contact them and make sure your voice is heard, everyone’s view is just as valid and important to the club.

We also have our COVID officer Lisa who you can contact if you have any concerns about the covid provisions in place.

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