Week 25 – T&T, G&T and Amstel

We’ve started a season or Parkrun T&T’s – Takeover and Tourism, so lookout for an Essington Harrier at a Parkrun near you. Also this week we invaded Popworld in Wolverhampton and ran a half marathon in Plymouth.

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T&T#1 : Shrewsbury – Robin & Lisa ventured down the M54 to Shrewsbury for a blast around the quarry. Lisa’s first time here, Robin’s second (but he forgot about the hill right at the start)

EHRC also visited Walsall for Ursula’s 500th Parkrun, Cannock Chase & Telford.

Shrewsbury parkrun event #339
69Robin Tinsley00:23.09Course PB
283Lisa Hickman00:29:55
Cannock Chase parkrun event #206
37Matthew Kingston00:24:12Parkrun PB
Walsall Arboretum parkrun event #466
91Tammy Edwards00:24:022nd in Age Group
92David Poynton00:24:06Parkrun PB
170Drew Allen00:27:582nd in Age Group
210Gary Jenkins00:29:58
Telford parkrun event #381
224Philip Mew00:31:35
320Laura Mew00:49:19
* Did not run under ‘Essington Harriers’
** Ran under a different name

Britain’s Ocean City 2022

Steve Cunningham went to Plymouth and took on the Ocean City Half Marathon and got the 1st in Male Junior category! We think they need to check his ID again.

78Steve Cunningham01:29:131st in Age Category
* Did not run under ‘Essington Harriers’
** Ran under a different name

Bottomless Brunch


I’ll have another Amstel

1Chris DoddLast one home.Might not actually remember anything past 5pm.
2Geoff GreenStill got one pint to go.Loves his Amstel.
3Lucy GeorgeBroke into the DJ booth.Took the best (worst) photo of Dave ever.
3Sarah BlackshawTook the ‘run/jog’ approach to dancing.Was not as tall as the bar bill was long.
3Lisa HickmanGreat at singing along to the music, even if it’s the wrong words.If left unattended, may wander into random bars.
3Drew AllenWas still dancing in the taxi on the way home.And still made it to the Wrekin for a run.
3Robin TinsleyDanced to anything and everything.Was told off along with Sarah for attempting to change the music.
4Dave PoyntonTook pre-long run fueling very seriously.Discovered pre-long run fueling also works for dancing.
5Matt DoddDisappeared before Popworld.Remained far too sober, we susp he had an identical twin helping with the drinks.
6Debbie ShermanSurvived several cheesy songs in Popworld.Dishonourably Discharged.
7Glyn RowleyDidn’t wait for the second Spice Girls song.Was far too busy on his phone. (the evidence needs deleting)
8Hilary HollingtonGraceful Exit.Is never going to drink Prosecco ever again. (pass me a glass)
9Tammy EdwardsDNFGot called away urgently.
* Did not run under ‘Essington Harriers’
** Ran under a different name

All photos have been redacted from public display.

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