Week 3 – 20

I know I know I know… There have been lots of things to keep me busy so I am very behind with club run posts, but here we go (big breath)

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The Harriers have been Parkrunning and PBing all over the place, I think I got everyone in the list below, but if I have missed you off, sorry (It’ll be because you don’t have Essington Harriers Running Club as your primary club in your Parkrun profile)

January 15thWalsall Arboretum parkrun event #445
91Tammy Edwards00:28:15
143Gary Jenkins00:32:03
Sherwood Pines parkrun event #243
83Sarah Blackshaw00:26:31First Time
East Park parkrun event #41
15Robin Tinsley00:24:37
20David Poynton00:25:53
41Lisa Hickman00:29:10Parkrun PB
54Matt Dodd00:32:29
62Gary Poynton00:39:17Parkrun PB
January 22ndChasewater parkrun event #50
28Adam Cole00:22:15Parkrun PB
57Tammy Edwards00:25:28
58David Poynton00:25:31
68Sarah Blackshaw00:25:50
69Robin Tinsley00:26:16
157Ian Gardner00:31:14Parkrun PB
158Gemma Fellows00:31:18
194Steve Hadley00:33:41
246Annette Hadley00:43:32
January 29thWalsall Arboretum parkrun event #447
89Sam Jones00:26:05
Chasewater parkrun event #51
21Adam Cole00:21:39Parkrun PB
1st in Age Group
29Robin Tinsley00:22:43Parkrun PB
48David Poynton00:25:16
51Tammy Edwards00:25:36
95Lisa Hickman00:28:46Parkrun PB
1st in age
136Ian Gardner00:31:13Parkrun PB
144Matt Dodd00:31:52Parkrun PB
188Gary Poynton00:26:45First Time
219Gary Jenkins00:56:00
East Park parkrun event #43
49Tammy Partridge -Smith00:28:35Parkrun PB
February 5thChasewater parkrun event #52
44David Poynton00:25:09
76Sarah Blackshaw00:28:40
77Lisa Hickman00:28:42Parkrun PB
108Gary Jenkins00:31:25
East Park parkrun event #44
24Tammy Edwards00:24:48First Time
February 12thWalsall Arboretum parkrun event #449
40Adam Cole00:21:04
Chasewater parkrun event #53
33Tammy Edwards00:24:58
45Sarah Blackshaw00:26:01
59Philip Mew00:27:26Parkrun PB
67Lisa Hickman00:28:30Parkrun PB
104Gary Jenkins00:31:58
February 19thCannock Chase parkrun event #190
83Michelle Kattenhorn00:28:051st in age
Walsall Arboretum parkrun event #450
90Elizabeth Hill00:26:25
147Tammy Partridge-Smith00:29:10
158Adam Cole00:29:42
East Park parkrun event #46
19Tammy Edwards00:24:39Parkrun PB
23Sarah Blackshaw00:25:00Parkrun PB
65Gary Jenkins00:30:43
Beacon parkrun event #34
73David Poynton00:24:45Parkrun PB
February 26thCoventry parkrun event #533
148Dave Poynton00:25:39
Cannock Chase parkrun event #191
116Sarah Blackshaw00:28:53
117Lisa Hickman00:28:58
209Matt Dodd00:35:06
Barrow parkrun event #469
48Michelle Kattenhorn00:27:55
Chasewater parkrun event #54
43Tammy Edwards00:26:16
103Steve Hadley00:34:36
March 5thWolverhampton parkrun event #395
258Laura Mew00:41:20
Chasewater parkrun event #55
59Dave Poynton00:24:47
60Tammy Edwards00:24:482nd in Age Group
75Michelle Kattenhorn00:26:323rd in Age Group
111Tammy Partridge-Smith00:29:362nd in Age Group
112Gary Jenkins00:29:39
Trentham Gardens parkrun event #5
113Sarah Blackshaw00:25:483rd in Age Group
114Robin Tinsley00:25:49
March 12thWalsall Arboretum parkrun event #453
47Adam Cole00:22:49
Ludlow parkrun event #237
33Sarah Blackshaw00:30:392nd in Age Group
34Robin Tinsley00:30:403rd in Age Group
Chasewater parkrun event #56
61Tammy Edwards00:28:13
76Lisa Hickman00:29:38
82Gary Jenkins00:30:08
94Matt Dodd00:31:17
March 19thCannock Chase parkrun event #193
62Michelle Kattenhorn00:26:50
Chasewater parkrun event #57
31David Poynton00:24:56
32Sarah Blackshaw00:24:59
37Tammy Edwards00:25:36
March 26thChasewater parkrun event #58
28Tammy Edwards00:24:541st in Age Group
69Tammy Partridge Smith00:30:183rd in Age Group
Alderford Lake parkrun event #61
21David Poynton00:25:43
April 2ndWolverhampton parkrun event #399
118Tara Pomfret00:30:10
119Sarah Blackshaw00:30:11
120Robin Tinsley00:30:11
212Laura Mew00:41:34
Walsall Arboretum parkrun event #456
60Tammy Edwards00:24:25
April 9thCannock Chase parkrun event #196
111Sarah Blackshaw00:28:48
118Lisa Hickman00:29:14
Walsall Arboretum parkrun event #457
288Laura Mew00:41:03
Chasewater parkrun event #60
33Dave Poynton00:24:31
104Gary Jenkins00:32:43
April 16thWalsall Arboretum parkrun event #458
92Tammy Edwards00:26:14
156Lisa Hickman00:28:55
April 23rdChasewater parkrun event #61
38Dave Poynton00:24:24
57Tammy Edwards00:26:03
98Philip Mew00:29:12
April 30thCannock Chase parkrun event #199
66Sarah Blackshaw00:25:39Parkrun PB
1st in Age Group
67Robin Tinsley00:25:40
104Philip Mew00:28:31Parkrun PB
230Laura Mew00:41:04
Crewe parkrun event #150
48Dave Poynton00:25:213rd in Age Group
CCCCCCCR πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ
Chasewater parkrun event #62
93Gary Jenkins00:31:01
156Tammy Edwards00:58:24
East Park parkrun event #56
44Matt Dodd00:31:193rd in Age Group
May 7thWolverhampton parkrun event #404
139Tara Pomfret00:29:273rd in Age Group
140Sarah Blackshaw00:29:28
Walsall Arboretum parkrun event #460
114Tammy Edwards00:26:19
Chasewater parkrun event #63
34David Paynton00:24:24
93Gary Jenkins00:30:52
May 14thShrewsbury parkrun event #335
261Philip Mew00:28:51
Chasewater parkrun event #64
59Sarah Blackshaw00:25:201st in Age Group
60Robin Tinsley00:25:20
71Tammy Edwards00:26:163rd in Age Group
126Jo Edwards00:29:10
174Gary Jenkins00:34:01
* Did not run under ‘Essington Harriers’
** Ran under a different name

Walton Winter Wobble 10k

12Adam Cole00:39:58
43Jon Turner00:48:51
79Tammy Edwards00:53:23
106Michelle Kattenhorn00:58:29
* Did not run under ‘Essington Harriers’
** Ran under a different name

Cannock Chase 10 Mile

105Drew Allen01:36:27
106Tammy Edwards01:26:29
* Did not run under ‘Essington Harriers’
** Ran under a different name

The Crowle 10K

The Crowle 10k has become a must for both runners and families alike.
Unusually, the day not only provides a 10k event, but also two fun runs for children – one mile and quarter mile options.
​We also have a BBQ, homemade cakes, tea/coffee and lots to entertain the kids before, during and after the races.
Runners will receive a medal and there are prizes for fastest finishers in various categories.

97Geoff Green*00:47:43
* Did not run under ‘Essington Harriers’
** Ran under a different name

Sexarathon Lilleshall

Midweek series of races of distances between 5KM and 5M April to September

182Jon Turner00:37:46
368Ali Lee00:49:55
* Did not run under ‘Essington Harriers’
** Ran under a different name

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