Robin Tinsley

Robin Tinsley

Member of Essington Harriers since 2019
Committee Position: Marketing & Social Media Officer

What has been your favourite race or racing memory so far?

Running in the Wings For Life World Run races.
I love races that are a bit different, and the Wings For Life races are so unique. There are races all around the world that start at exactly the same time, then 30 minutes later a catcher car sets off slowly picking up speed, the car is the finish line, and when it passes you, your race is over.

What are your pre-race rituals?

Stretching, and usually eat something an hour before

What are you pre & post race snacks?

Nuts, protein, oats, chocolate, beer, chips…

What advice would you give a new runner?

Don’t worry about your speed, don’t worry about stopping to walk and don’t compare yourself to others!
And buy some body glide.

What’s your proudest running achievement?

Edinburgh Marathon – first marathon as me and lots of emotions.

What future race ambitions do you have?

I’ve stopped chasing PB’s a long time ago, I run for the enjoyment, the challenge and the chance to switch off from the world for an hour or two, so my only ambition is to keep enjoying my runs.

What are your favourite running shoes?

Currently on Nike ones, but I don’t follow any brand.

What running kit do you use?

My watch and my phone, If i’m going on a long run or it’s a hot day, I’ll take a running vest with water and some energy things.

What one thing should people know about you?

I have a problem with remembering people’s faces so I am very likely to not recognise you.

Any other information you want to share?

I spend my work day sat at my desk, and always find the hardest part of running is getting out the door. I’ve been running for about 30 years and still that initial step is the biggest hurdle.