I feel the need… the need for speed πŸ¦…

It’s #TopGunDay and last night the Harriers were flying!

The pattern was full, but they buzzed the Bilston wheel 🎑 to clock up a number of segment PB’s including a QOM. So lets give a 4g negative dive and salute our very own Top Guns.

Call SignBuzzed the tower
Lt. Drew ‘Dog’ AllenLocal Legend on Biro Maidens Hill Challenge
Lt. Michelle ‘Elvis’ KattenhornπŸ₯‡ 10k Personal Best
Lt. Heidi ‘Game’ CunninghamπŸ… Personal Record on Lights To Aldi
Lt. Matt ‘Dongo’ DoddπŸ₯‡ 10k Personal Best
πŸ… Personal Record on W****r hill
Lt. Tara ‘Hyde’ ElizabethπŸ‘‘ Current Record for W****r hill
Lt. Sarah ‘Brickyard’ BlackshawπŸ… Personal Record on W****r hill
Lt. Philip ‘Capon’ MewπŸ… Personal Record on W****r hill
Lt. Dave ‘Fir’ PoyntonπŸ… Personal Record on W****r hill
Lt. Samantha ‘Dart’ JonesπŸ… Personal Record on Broad Lane, Long Lane to Turnberry Estate
πŸ… Personal Record on Essington Road (Sneyd Lane to Lichfield Road)
πŸ… Personal Record on Hobnock run
Lt. Colin ‘Spurt’ GilesπŸ₯‡ 5k Personal Best
πŸ₯‡ 2 mile Personal Best
πŸ₯‡ 1 mile Personal Best

Awesome work by all the runners, time to hit the beach for a bit of volleyball now!

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