Week 44 : MoRun & Parkrun

The Essington Harriers were out at Parkrun and taking on the MoRunner in Birmingham this weekend.

Also, not a race but a special mention to the Couch To Awesomeness runners who ran their first full-club 5k run on Monday evening, awesome work πŸ’ͺπŸ¦…

Couch to Awesomeness Runners
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There was an Essington Harrier on tour (well, Parkrunning while on holiday, but nearly the same thing) and a bunch of us running around Chasewater and East Park this week.

Consolidated Essington Harriers Report

Conwy parkrun event #277
70Robin Tinsley00:25:01
Chasewater parkrun event #49
3Steve Cunningham00:19:17 1st in age category
38Elizabeth Hill00:24:21 1st in age category
54Tammy Edwards00:26:17 1st in age category
63Heidi Cunningham00:27:43
112Steve Hadley00:32:14
162Ian Gardner00:40:09
188Laura Mew00:53:05
East Park parkrun event #34
28Mark Wilkes00:23:473rd in age category
* Did not run under ‘Essington Harriers’
** Ran under a different name

Birmingham MoRun

Tammy, Drew and Jo donned their best facial fluff and went off to run Birmingham’s MoRun

40Tammy Edwards00:51:19Course PB
44Drew Allen00:52:18
107Jo Edwards01:03:01
* Did not run under ‘Essington Harriers’
** Ran under a different name

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