Week 45 : 🎒

This weekend the Harriers were Parkrunning, Rollercoastering and smashing Derby

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See the consolidated Parkrun report for the Essington Harriers

Walsall Arboretum parkrun event #438
7Adam Cole00:18:53Parkrun Personal Best
49Tammy Edwards00:24:02
197Gary Jenkins00:32:03
209Steve Hadley00:32:42
308Annette Hadley00:42:59

Alton Towers

Alton Towers held their first race events at the theme park, with a 5km and 10km run on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday.

“it’s a bit undulating” is the general kind of comment we made about the run.

After the running came the rides, and everyone went on everything… even those who were not so keen on the rides πŸŽ’πŸ™„

10KM Run00:54:07
434Samantha Jones00:54:18
408Robin Tinsley00:54:43
465Dave Poynton00:55:17
454Luch George00:55:49
483Sarah Blackshaw00:58:44
741Heidi Cunningham00:59:53
795Philip Mew00:59:53
914Graham Jones01:01:49
1165Matt Dodd01:06:1110km PR
1194Ian Gardner**01:10:15
1315Tammy Partridge-Smith*01:06:46
5KM Run
825Laura Mew00:42:22
Half Marathon
507Jon Turner01:50:07
571Geoff Green01:54:03
1154Michelle Kattenhorn*02:11:20
* Did not run under ‘Essington Harriers’
** Ran under a different name

Derby 10 Mile

Steve Cunningham went off to sprint around the Derby 10 mile race


97Steve Cunningham01:05:04
* Did not run under ‘Essington Harriers’
** Ran under a different name

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