Week 46 & 47 ❄

EHRC 2022 Spring Couch To Awesomeness Runners

Massive congratulations to our Couch To Awesomeness group who graduated at East Park Parkrun on Saturday 20th November with the Sneyd Striders volunteering out on the course as our fledgling runners debuted.

Week 47, Saturday 27th November, say the first snowfall of the season across the West Midlands, and most of the local Parkruns having to cancel.

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Parkrun Week 46

We were out in force at Wolverhampton’s East Park to see our Couch To Awesomeness runners completing their 0-5k journey with a Parkrun.

There were not local parkruns for Week 47 due to snow.

East Park Review | Photos from the race & More photos

East Park parkrun event #36
7Steve Cunningham00:19:02Course PB
Age category record
43Will Mew00:23:51Parkrun PB
Honorary Essington Harrier
44Robin Tinsley00:23:51Course PB
73Heidi Cunningham00:27:13
78Philip Mew00:27:53
81Tara Pomfret00:28:23Parkrun PB
82Sarah Blackshaw00:28:24
85David Poynton00:29:03
89Lisa Hickman00:30:04
94Matt Dodd00:31:04
100Steve Hadley00:32:38
103Jacquie Falconer*00:33:38
108Sharon Louise*00:35:03
109Amanda Jeffery*00:35:04
111Emma Carney00:56:59
112Samantha Jones00:36:59
113Graham Jones00:37:00
115Gary Poynton*00:40:06
116Gary Jenkins00:40:12
118Annette Hadley00:41:11
Sutton Park parkrun event #100
79Tammy Edwards00:25:44
* Did not run under ‘Essington Harriers’
** Ran under a different name

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Weston Park 10k

Kickass Endurance Weston 10k – 28th November

One of the nicest 10k’s, highly recommend

Tammy Edwards
111Tammy Edwards00:52:552nd in F40-44
112Drew Allen00:52:565th in FSen
* Did not run under ‘Essington Harriers’
** Ran under a different name

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