Awesomeness To Parkrun


It was so good to once again remind people #DFYBC. With the culmination of the Couch to Awesomeness group celebrating with their first 5k event, the Essington Harriers were out in force at Chasewater Parkrun this weekend.

Essington Harriers at Chasewater Parkrun 24/07/2021

The awesomeness group did brilliantly, putting in a strung set of 5k times, and that was matched by club runners Steve Cunningham, David Poynton and Sarah Blackshaw getting their Parkrun PB’s πŸ’ͺπŸ¦…

This was the 34th Chasewater Parkrun, and there were 156 runners.

Steve Cunningham2nd18:57Parkrun PB
Best male age-grade result 83.20 %
Best in age group
Geoff Green24th23:133rd male in age group
Dave Poynton33rd24:29Parkrun PB
2nd most male Parkruns (224)
Tammy Edwards44th25:261st female in age group
3rd most female Parkruns (146)
Michelle Kattenhorn46th25:502nd female in age group
Chasewater FT
Lucy George58th26:381st female in age group
Sarah Blackshaw59th26:39Parkrun PB
2nd female in age group
Heidi Cunningham65th27:26Best female age-grade result 65.13 %
1st female in age group
Jo Edwards71st28:213rd female in age group
Mandy Baggott85th30:51Parkrun FT
1st female in age group
Adam Boyns87th30:54Parkrun FT
Stacy Harper88th30:55Parkrun FT
Samantha Jones89th30:56150th Milestone Parkrun
2nd female in age group
2nd most female Parkruns (150)
Gemma Fellows90th31:12Parkrun FT
3rd female in age group
Nicola Morgan95th32:11Parkrun FT
Ellie Lewis98th32:17Parkrun FT
Kirsty Hyde99th32:18Parkrun FT
Graham Jones100th32:19
Rachel Rowley104th32:40
Glyn Rowley105th32:41
Lorrain Wright109th33:52Parkrun FT
Robin Tinsley110th33:52

Want to know the all-time stats for Essington Harriers at Chasewater – they’re here

Also running at parkrun this weekend were:

Laura MewEast Park #1941st39:4749th Parkrun (time to get the 50 shirt on order!)
3rd female in age group

Thanks to Jim Wall and Adam Riddle for the photos, you can see the full album here: (you can also add photos to the album there)

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